50,000,000 House Points!!!

Just a quick update 🙂  : Gryffindor and Slytherin both have over 50,000,000 house points!!! That’s a massive leap from the BETA time! 😀


2,000,000 Potterheads!

Pottermore has now got over 2,000,000 players! Thats more than double than in the BETA period! (around 680,000 players) The site seems to be coping well, there are hardly any glitches and it has never crashed (as far as I know.)

I hope all the new witches and wizards are enjoying Pottermore any are not so angry at SONY for the long wait. 😛


Pottermore Open to Everyone!!!

Pottermore is now open to everyone, they are slowly filtering people in, so congratulations if you’ve got your owl! I’ve already seen a big boost in house points and more people commenting in the common room. I hope all of you that have got your owl are settling in to Hogwarts! 😀


What Happened to Pottermore?

What happened to Pottermore? Have a look at some of these links.




Potion Times Reduced

Pottermore has finally reduced the potion brewing times considerably. 😀 Cauldrons now also affect the brewing times as well.

Dueling is Back!!!

Dueling is finally back online!!!! 😀 Want to play? Follow this link! 😀

Site Update

Pottermore is going to be down for about a week while they update some of the technical things behind the scenes. For more Pottermore site updates follow this link. 😀

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